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Private and Custom Culinary Tours

Experiences like these are to be enjoyed by family and friends for the memories they make.

Let us customize a food tour just for you! A Key Culinary Tour is perfect for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, office parties, special anniversaries, birthdays, family gatherings, and more! Come experience some of the finest local cuisine on the Gulf coast. Contact us to book your custom tour!

Love is in the Air… My Wednesday night food tour in downtown Sarasota brought me William and Marla. William had planned the entire evening for their 20th Wedding Anniversary! He chose a Private Tour just for the two of them and included Drink Packages.Both born and raised in Sarasota, they grew up very near each other, went to school together, knew the same people, but never met until college. Although they did mention a “kiss” in 6th grade. This couple is the real deal. Married 20 years and still very much in love, as you can see from the photos.

Our first stop was a Bourbon and Taco Joint where they enjoyed chips, salsa and amazing tacos. They are also Bourbon aficionados and loved the Make Your Own Old Fashions on the menu featuring a favorite Bourbon. Presented with an order of Churros for their Anniversary, they pronounced the first stop a SUCCESS; we forged ahead.

Next stop was at a Fine Italian restaurant where fresh bread and olive oil was offered followed by Chef’s Choice Agnolotti stuffed with ricotta. A Tiramisu dessert was served with a flourish in honor of their Anniversary. We followed this with a visit to Thailand, tasting curry, pad Thai and sushi.

Dessert wowed everyone! Known for the Coconut Cake, this stop proved to be Magical. Just as dessert and champagne was served, William and Marla’s First Dance Wedding Song played. They were at the right place at the right time. On a Private Key Culinary Tour. To create your own “Love is in the Air” style tour, call us at 941-893-4664.

Let’s Say I Do…

Less than 24 hours after saying “I Do”, Gary and Linda were on a Key Culinary Food Tour with the Mother of the Bride. This couple have known each other for years but rediscovered their love for one another. Having chosen a beach in Sarasota sight unseen, they became Newlyweds with family and friends in attendance. While the younger kids headed to the beach, they were in search of great food and boy did they find it. Being Bourbon Lovers made the first stop a real treat. Chips, salsa and tacos rounded out the visit. Lobster Ravioli took honors next with Thai Food coming in a close second. This couple have known each other for years but rediscovered their love for one another. They spent the end of the evening at a secret local spot, having cocktails. For more information about creating your own “Let’s Say I Do” style tour, contact us at 941-893-4664.

A Fortunate Stroke of Serendipity…

Four ladies from Nebraska, Colorado and DC, chose Sarasota for a Bachelorette Bash and a Double Baby Shower. Sistersboth pregnant, a friend and of course mom attended the event. They chose a Food Tour with Key Culinary Tours. Meeting at the Fat Chef they were given a history lesson by their Tour Guide, learning about the Movers and Shakers of Sarasota. Heading to the first stop they enjoy the beauty Sarasota has to offer. With plenty of chips, salsa and tacos eaten, they moved on to Italy, enjoying pasta with a spinach cream sauce. Thailand heightened their senses with curry and pad Thai. Follow that with cups of Gelato and you have the perfect tour. They finished up their trip with a visit to the Farmers’ Market and a luxurious picnic on the beach.  To book your own  “A Fortunate Stroke of Serendipity” style tour call us at 941-893-4664.

And Baby Makes Five… What happens when grandparents and parents want an adventure but refuse to give up any time with their precious granddaughter? A Private Tour with Key Culinary Tours saved the day!Our first stop included a history lesson about Ybor City and we were served their specialty lunch. After a stop at a Gourmet Food shop, we headed to Greece where we were served a Tasting Plate with Greek Beer. Italy was the next stop with fresh made pasta and a complimentary Mimosa. A French dessert shop provided sweet treats. Ending the tour on a sweet note for an amazingly Sweet Family. For more information about booking your own “And Baby Makes Five” style tour, check our other website “Key Culinary Tours” or contact us at 941-893-4664.