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St. Armands’ Circus Ring of Fame

The circus ring of fame in St. Armands, FL

While Key Culinary Tours is designed to feature St. Armands’ dining venues, an added delight on our tours includes a special spin around the Ring of Fame in central park.  Founded in 1987 and now displaying 133 bronze wagon wheel medallions, this “Who’s Who” of the circus industry showcases great talents and influencers from all over the world.  Nominated by the public and voted on by other inductees, Sarasota is so fortunate that the various individuals and families are honored right here in Circus City, the late John’s Ringling’s adopted hometown.  And of course, also memorialized are some ever-recognizable household names such as members of the Wallenda family and Emmett Kelly, as well as Lou and Dolly Jacobs.

Many locals and natives aren’t even aware this tribute exists and it’s nearly impossible for guests to not find this uplifting and spirited stroll to be a special addition to our walking tour.  Just this past January (2016), the first animal ever, Jumbo the beloved African elephant, was inducted with boisterous fanfare and an extravagant ceremony.  Our guides are studied in many of the prominent performers, managers, and dare devils who line the sidewalk of St. Armands’ main greenspace that holds its own exclusive share of history.  Let them inform and inspire you with circus trivia and exciting detail—just one more surefire way Key Culinary Tours leaves guests smiling.

“The circus is the only spectacle I know that, while you watch it, gives the quality of a happy dream.”  –Ernest Hemingway

“Friday I tasted life.  It was a vast morsel.  A circus passed the house…”  –Emily Dickinson