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Key Culinary Tours News

Archive: Jun 2018

Lychee nut fruit sure are pretty but what can I do with them?

While the lychee nut fruit is called a nut, it is actually a fruit with a seed. It originated in provinces of China dating back to 1059 AD. Once you peel off the hard shell, you have a sweet, crisp, and juicy flesh with a “signature scent” of floral perfume. The seed is not edible…

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June 26, 2018

Come to the dark side …. Ghosts & Gruesomes – our newest tour!

We love how so many of you are always wanting to know about and try out new tours. We have a great one to tell you about today – our new evening tour Ghosts and Gruesomes! Now this one isn’t a food tour but it IS 75 minutes of fun, interesting stories and creepiness all at the same time! Best of all (since it doesn’t stop in air-conditioned restaurants) it starts in the evening when things begin to cool off a bit during our HOT Florida summer, but you should still be sure to bring water with you! The cost is $18 per person, reservations are required and it is not recommended for small children. The better tour to check out for them would be the Megalodon Shark Teeth Tour! You can’t say we don’t have fun here at Key…

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June 21, 2018