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Our Tour Guides share their Thanksgiving favorites:

Happy Thanksgiving from the Tour Guides of Key Culinary Tours and Sarasota Suncoast Tours!

Our Tour Guides share some of their Thanksgiving favorites:

  • “I love Thanksgiving because all my favorite people are around the table with glorious food and lots of laughs.” – Susan
  • “Thanksgiving is a time when my family and friends gather around the traditional dinner taste and give thanks for all our blessings we are thankful for throughout the year. After dinner we all began preparing to decorate for the holidays.” – Pamela
  • “I try to have an attitude of gratitude every day. Love this holiday. Grateful for my health and family and friends.” – Denice
  • Memory – “Traveling a mile to my Aunt’s house through a snowstorm by tractor-flatbed. Adventure! Illinois Farm County.” Tradition – “Have a turkey basket and everyone writes what they are thankful for, puts it in the basket, then each person pulls out one and reads it – not necessarily their own.” –  Jeni
  • “Thanksgiving is my favorite personal holiday. It means creating bonds, welcoming friends, opening your home, the creation of wonderful foods, delectable smells – And it all somehow comes together to remind us of how incredibly fortunate and grateful I am.” – Daniel
  • “Tradition – HAVE to use Bell’s Seasoning or it’s NOT stuffing!”-  Maggie
  • “Favorite Memory – 36 people at one long table in a barn in rural Pennsylvania with 3 turkeys and 1 tofurkey.”-  John
  • “Dessert! Mom’s pumpkin pie and lots of holiday cookies.” Robert
  • “Making my mother’s Italian sausage stuffing and creamed onion recipes.  Love, fun, and family!” – Tricia
  • “Thanksgiving was always a time for family stories. In Greek families we gather in the morning and talk, eat, and drink all day. We never felt full because we paced it from 10:00 am through 8:00 pm.” –  Seva

Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for all of our guests!

Need something fun to do Thanksgiving weekend while on vacation in Sarasota with family and friends? Purchase food, walking and sightseeing tours at or  It’s a great way to learn about Sarasota history and relax after a ‘sometimes’ busy and long Thanksgiving day. Also a great experience! An ideal tour for a true foodie! We can customize a tour for your group. Want to see Sarasota in a trolley and relax after the holiday? This is the tour for you! Gift Certificates available also!

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