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HAPPY HOLIDAYS (Happy Hanukkah; Merry Christmas; Happy Kwanzaa) If your a International foodie, this blog about traditional holiday foods is for you!

Here are some traditional foods for Hanukkah:

Rugalach (RUHG-uh-luhkn) cookies with a filling of fruit, nuts, poppy seed paste, or jam.

Challah (KHAH-lah, HAH-lah) traditional Jewish yeast bread.

Matzah Ball Soup; Brisket; Sufganiyah – a round jelly donut.

Kugel – a baked pudding usually made with potatoes or noodles and can be savory or sweet.

Latkes – potato pancakes and apple sauce; Hanukkah Gelt (chocolate coins).

Christmas traditions around the World:

Austria – Lebkuchen – Christmas cookies made with honey, spices, citron, and almonds.

Germany – Glϋhwein – A hot beverage with red wine, spices, sugar and orange or lemon peel.

France – Bûche de Noël – A sponge cake made to resemble a Yule Log.

Italy – Panettone – A sweet yeast bread with raisins, citron, pine nuts, and anise.

Norway – Rice pudding with a raspberry sauce.

Poland – Pierniczki – Honey, ginger cookies.

Sweden – Julmust – A soft drink –  Jul “Christmas” & Must “not yet fermented juice of fruit”.

United Kingdom – Christmas pudding – boiled pudding with dried fruits, eggs, spices, alcohol, sugar, and suet (hard fat of beef or mutton).

Canada – Eggnog, butter tarts and shortbread cookies.

USA – Eggnog, pumpkin pie, mince pies, and plum pudding.

Mexico – Flan – a brûlé-like custard with caramelized sugar.

Copenhagen – Ris ἁl’ van amande – Christmas rice pudding –  boiled rice with whipped cream and almonds, served cold with a hot cherry sauce. Glögg – heavily spiced warm mulled wine.

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Spain – Turrón – A type of nougat typically made from almonds. Polvorónes – a buttery cookie dusted with powdered sugar. Roscón de Reyes – a Christmas sweet bread cake with candied fruit usually eaten during the Christmas holidays especially on January 6th the Feast of Epiphany (Three Kings Day).

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Kwanzaa gets its name from the Swahili (East Africa) phrase matunda ya kwanza meaning  “ fruits of the harvest”. The celebration observed December 26th through January 1st is to honor African heritage in African-American Culture.

Specialty foods during the celebration are:  stews; curried dishes; a lot of spices; mac & cheese; fried chicken; couscous; collard greens; corn spoon bread; yams; black-eyed peas; sweet potatoes; sweet potato pie; bread pudding.

Sources:  Wikipedia and Food

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